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1 Review. Kelly Buckles Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Apr 15, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior Painting, Door Refinishing, Door Casing Refinishing
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Brief Explanation This customer was unhappy with the state of her bathroom. She did not like how dark the bathroom was, even with the lights on. Because the color on her bathroom walls played a huge role in the lack of light in the space, it was important that we change the color so that she could get the results she was looking for. After taking a look at her bathroom and giving her a bid for the job, we helped the customer choose a lighter color for her walls, which brightened up the space. In addition, we sanded and repainted her door and door casings so that those looked nice and bright as well.

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Kelly Buckles Said This About Our Company

Kelly Buckles

Peachtree City, GA

Date: May 16, 2015
They did a great job! They were punctual! They got it done in the amount of time they said they would. I rate them 5 stars.

"Bathroom Painter in Peachtree City, GA"

Services Provided

We went in and sanded all the door casings and doors, helped her pick a color and painted the bathroom.
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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
Dave did a FANTASTIC job with our exterior and interior painting! We got many compliments from our neighbors on the work, which was thorough and flawless. We chose Dave because his bid was very competitive among the several we solicited, and more importantly, he is… ~ Manisha - Peachtree City, GA


About This Bathroom Repainting Job

Whether you realize it or not, the color you choose for your bathroom wall will have a lot to do with how bright or dark the room appears. Even when you turn on all of the lights in your bathroom, a dark wall color can make the entire room appear to be much darker. This is exactly what happened to this customer, and she was unhappy with the fact that her bathroom was so dark. She was also worried about how her bathroom door and the trim around it was showing signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, we were able to take care of all of these things for her in just two days with a brief Peachtree City painting job. Not only did we help her choose a paint color and paint her entire bathroom a lighter color, but we also sanded her bathroom door and the trim around it so that the whole room looked like new.

This Customer’s Reaction To Our Work

All this customer wanted was to have a brighter bathroom that looked elegant and refined, and we were able to provide that for her. After helping her choose the perfect lighter paint color to brighten up the space, both our customer and her husband were quite impressed with the interior painting work we did. They both stated that they not only love the new color and the increased brightness in the bathroom, they were also happy that their bathroom door and the trim around it were no longer showing signs of wear and tear.

Other Work We Did For Her

We wanted to make her bathroom look bright and beautiful.

This customer’s initial complaint was that her bathroom was too dark, and we were able to take care of that by painting the walls a lighter color that brightened up her space. However, when we arrived we noticed that her bathroom door and the casings around it looked a little rough, and we were able to take care of that for her as well. First, we sanded the door and the casings around it so that we could get rid of any imperfections that we starting to show and create a smooth surface. Then, we were able to repaint the entire bathroom (including the trim) so that everything looked newer and brighter for our customer. Whether it’s bathroom remodeling or deck painting, we strive to make sure our customers are happy.