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Job Details

Location of Job: Fayetteville, GA
When: Jul 21, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Custom Cabinet Painting, Kitchen Cabinet Paint Job, Cabinet Refinishing
Brief Explanation This customer had just bought a new home. While this should definitely be an exciting time in her life, there was just one thing that she felt the home was lacking. She’d always wanted to have white kitchen cabinets, and she asked the home builder if it was possible for them to accommodate her. Unfortunately for this customer, the builder declined her request. The good news is that Mr. Painter was able to come to her rescue. Instead of just settling for the cabinets that came with the home, the customer called us to paint her cabinets white for her. After we applied several coats of top-quality paint, our customer was beyond happy with the results of the work we did for her.

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
Dave did a FANTASTIC job with our exterior and interior painting! We got many compliments from our neighbors on the work, which was thorough and flawless. We chose Dave because his bid was very competitive among the several we solicited, and more importantly, he is… ~ Manisha - Peachtree City, GA

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About This Cabinet Painting Job

Anyone who is about to purchase a custom-built home knows how important it is to have the builder ensure that everything is created to the buyer’s personal specifications. Unfortunately, this customer tried to do this with her kitchen cabinets, but the builder refused to grant her wishes to have white cabinets in the home she had just purchased. What made things even worse for this customer is that she had always wanted white cabinets, and it really put a damper on her excitement when she found out she could not have them in her new home. Fortunately, she didn’t give up on her dream. Instead, she called Mr. Painter to see if we would be able to give her the kitchen cabinet painting job that the builder would not. After having one look at her kitchen, we knew that we could create the look she wanted. We started this job by priming every single cabinet surface with a bonding primer. Then, we proceeded to caulk all of the cabinet seams. Once all of the surfaces were prepared, we began the paint job. In all, we sprayed three coats of paint onto the cabinets using a fine finish tip. When the home cabinet painting service was done, our customer was left with exactly what she wanted – all white cabinets in her new kitchen.

The Customer's Reaction To Our Work

Mr. Painter loves exceeding customers' expectations.

When our customer purchased her dream home, all she really wanted was to have white cabinets. Consequently, it was very disappointing when the builder refused to meet her request. It was our pleasure to be able to turn this customer’s disappointment into pure excitement with a quality kitchen cabinet painting job. Once we had finished providing this home cabinet painting services, the customer felt a sense of gratitude for the fact that we were able to provide her with something she’d always wanted. Whether we are painting in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, or any of the surrounding towns, Mr. Painter always strives to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we knew that we had achieved that with this customer when she stated that her white cabinets looked better than she thought they would.