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Location of Job: Peachtree city, ga
When: May 11, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Wood Repainting
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Brief Explanation These customers recently bought a new home. While they were excited about their purchase, they were not very excited about the look and feel of the cabinets in the kitchen or the wood paneling in the living room. They felt that the oak staining that was there when they bought the home was a bit outdated. Instead, they preferred to have white cabinets and paneling that would give the kitchen and living room a more modern look. In order to help them achieve the feel that they were going for, we were able to come in and completely repaint the cabinets in the kitchen and living room according to their design preferences. Once we were done, our customers were very happy with the new look of their kitchen and living rooms. The painting job was just what they wanted!

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
Dave did a FANTASTIC job with our exterior and interior painting! We got many compliments from our neighbors on the work, which was thorough and flawless. We chose Dave because his bid was very competitive among the several we solicited, and more importantly, he is… ~ Manisha - Peachtree City, GA

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About This Home Cabinet Painting Job

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. However, that excitement can quickly wear off when you realize that you’ll have to take on projects like deck painting or cabinet replacement just so that you can make the place your own and elevate the decor to match your design preferences. Rather than allowing themselves to feel overwhelmed, these customers contacted us for help. We started the job by sanding the wood surfaces in order to prepare them for repainting. Then, we used a stain-blocking primer on all of the wood surfaces. We then used four coats of paint (two with a high-build, high-solid paint) on the cabinets. When all was said and done, we were able to bring their outdated oak-stained cabinets into modern times with a thorough repaint job.

These Customers’ Reactions To Our Work

Our customers loved their new home, but they didn’t love the outdated look of the oak cabinets. For that reason, they were happy that we were able to turn that situation around for them. They were so pleased that we were able to use our cabinet painting skills to help them achieve the modern look that they were going for, and they were especially grateful that they didn’t have to pay the hefty price for a set of new cabinets after they had just invested in a new home.

Other Work We Did For These Customers

We always strive to do a thorough job for each customer.

All that our customers knew was that they wanted their cabinets in the kitchen and living room repainted white. However, there was no way that we would have been happy with simply painting them and being done with it. From Peachtree City wood window sill replacement to cabinet repainting, we want customers to associate Mr. Painter with the utmost in excellence. We wanted to make sure that the job was completed in a professional manner and that the cabinets looked like they had just been installed. Before painting, we were sure to carefully sand the surface and use a stain-blocking primer that would hide the oak color so that it would not come through in the paint. However, we also wanted to make sure that we went the extra mile for this customer by hiding the grain on the wood with a high-build, high-solid paint that we knew would get the job done.

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