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How Much Does It Cost To Paint a House?

A simple guide to understanding the cost to paint a house.


Hello everyone! We would like to thank you for visiting our Peachtree City painter website. We have been painting since 1994 and look forward to painting for many years to come.

Today we have put time aside to share some information that may help you better understand how much it costs to paint a house. Remember that every home is different in size, type of paint needed, difficulty, etc. That is why we offer free estimates to customers so that they can get an accurate price to paint their home in Peachtree City whether they need exterior painting in Peachtree City or interior painting in Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Newnwn, Peachtree City, etc.

Nationwide Averages

In the prices we are giving you there are a few things that are not included but should be expected by the customer who is paying for a professional painter to come out and paint their house or business. If you are using a general contractor to bring someone else in to paint your house they generally add an additional 12% – 20% to the total price for their supervising services. Another expense that varies from area to area are permits or fees of inspection that may be required by your local city.

House Painting

Again, these numbers are for reference only. These numbers could be high or low depending on the price of paint, primer, the time of year, the size of the job, the condition of the current paint, the condition of the exterior of the house, etc. Prices also vary depending on if it is the interior of the home or exterior of the home.

The cost in labor (about 17 hours) to paint approximately 300 sq feet of surface.

Cost: $470 – $1,000

The cost in materials and supplies. Some of the materials and supplies that could be included in painting the exterior of a house is tape, plastic to mask off the area, paint, solvents and various supplies for cleaning up the area.

Cost: $200 – $250

Total Cost: $670 – $1,250

Per Square Foot Cost: $2.25 – $4.16

Recent Painting Job In Fayetteville, GA

If this is your first time being introduced to Mr. Painter, we would like to welcome you and we look forward to talking to you over the phone. On our website we do our best to share painting projects and the results of them with our visitors. Here is the link to a page we created about a 2014 rental home repainting in Fayetteville. The customer was extremely happy with the final result and price.

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