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1 Review. Sharvie Banks Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

Job Details

Location of Job: Fayetteville, GA
When: Dec 1, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Walls Cleaned and Fresh coat of paint
Brief Explanation I have a customer that had just rented a new office space. However, it needed a little bit of love to be in good working order. She wanted me to come out and get the walls cleaned up really good and put a fresh coat of paint on.

I worked around the timeline that she needed it to be done. I came out for her and got those walls cleaned up real nice. After discussing colors we then got a nice new coat of paint over all the walls making it look good as new.

She was very happy to have the office space looking more professional and workable. We did the same type of freshening up for someone's home in Peachtree City


Sharvie Banks Said This About Our Company

Sharvie Banks

Fayettville, GA

Date: Dec 11, 2015
Dave was really great and someone that I would definitely recommend to others. He was very timely and professional and he did a great job. His customer service was excellent.

"Painting Company Review in Fayetteville, GA"

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
Dave did a FANTASTIC job with our exterior and interior painting! We got many compliments from our neighbors on the work, which was thorough and flawless. We chose Dave because his bid was very competitive among the several we solicited, and more importantly, he is… ~ Manisha - Peachtree City, GA


Professional Business

It was really nice to be able to work with this customer in getting her office looking nice and professional and a great place to work in. It’s not the first time that I have had a customer that needed me for a business job rather than residential. Check out a job I did for Best Buy.

Being a business owner myself, I understand that it is important to be professional and at the same time be friendly and courteous. I always try to attain a good working relationship with my customers and make sure their needs are met and it’s always nice when they leave me great reviews.