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Pressure Washing Peachtree City

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We know that in Peachtree City you have a choice between many pressure washing companies and we hope to always be your #1 Peachtree City pressure washing choice. We have worked hard to be trusted by many to paint the walls of their homes and exteriors and we are working hard at being the #1 trusted pressure washing company in our little bubble as well.

Peachtree City Pressure Washing Company

Pressure washing and painting go hand in hand. To do good exterior painting in Peachtree City the surface needs to be free of debris, grime, mold, pollen, etc. We do this by pressure washing the exterior of the home when we are about to paint. This process is crucial to making sure our paint job lasts for years and years into the future. So what if you don’t want your home painted but just need to have it power washed?

We do that too! We will power wash your home without you wanting it to be painted.

We use high powered pressure washers to get the grime and debris off the surface of your home. We also pressure wash driveways and garage floors with special equipment that makes your concrete look new again. Our prices are fair and competitive while our services are above par and complete with quality. Let us compete for your business all year round with our professional cleaning services and painting services.

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The best way to book our professional pressure washing services is to pick up the phone and call us. We are happy to schedule you in. You will either talk with Dave or Steve to schedule your appointment.

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Client Testimonial
Dave did a FANTASTIC job with our exterior and interior painting! We got many compliments from our neighbors on the work, which was thorough and flawless. We chose Dave because his bid was very competitive among the several we solicited, and more importantly, he is… ~ Manisha - Peachtree City, GA

What Do We Pressure Wash?

A basic list of the things we clean with our power washing equipment

When most people think of pressure washing we think of the exterior of homes. While homes are the most common thing we clean with our power washing equipment they are not the only things that need cleaning. Below are examples of what we pressure wash.

Deck Pressure Washing

Decks are one of the most affected exterior accessories to a home that are affected by the pollen, humidity, dirt, and debris that exists in Georgia & Peachtree City. Nobody wants to eat out or relax on a dirty deck and that is why people call us to come out and pressure wash their deck. We can help make your deck look clean again with our power washing services.

After your deck is pressure washed many also choose to increase the life of their deck with our deck staining services. Yep, we do deck staining as well.

Garage Floor Pressure Washing

Most garages get dirty over time and every once in awhile homeowners want to see a clean garage floor again and decide to use our pressure washing services for this. We have special pressure washing equipment to clean concrete extremely well.

Garage Door Cleaning

Garage doors are the biggest door on a home and commercial building. When it is dirty it truly sticks out like a sore thumb especially when it is white. Our pressure washing services are perfect for dirty garage doors. You will be shocked at how dirty your garage door was when compared to a clean door.

We Pressure Wash Driveways

We drive on them, park on them, walk on them, play on them, color on them, and more. Our driveways get a lot of use and with time they get stained, dirty, and grimy. We can come out and professionally clean your driveways to make them clean again. We can clean always any type of driveway as well.

We Pressure Wash Sidewalks

We were hesitant to include this one here because there really are not very many sidewalks in Peachtree City but we don’t just offer our pressure washing services in Peachtree City. We do pressure washing in all of Fayette County and Coweta County, Georgia.

We Clean Sheds and Detached Buildings

Do you have a shed or detached building that you want cleaned? We can wash that too.

Commercial Buildings

Our cleaning services are not just for residential properties but also for commercial properties. We are really good at cleaning and look forward to working on your commercial building. We can clean small to large buildings.